About KnowYourMeds (KYM)

KnowYourMeds- an iOS and Android healthcare app that's backed by the world's largest database of drugs. KYM app helps patients to maintain a medication schedule, health conditions and adhere to vital check-ups to keep healthy. It also keeps the patients informed on drug-to-drug interactions, drug-to-food interactions and general information on various medications.

The Challenge

With over 150,000 plus fitness apps available in the market the challenge was to strike a perfect balance between the business and user requirements so as to not develop yet another fitness app. The challenge was to create a platform which will let the user record the medical history for themselves and their dependents. The app would also let users know about the latest developments in the market - such as new medications, drug interactons, food interactions user reviews, new research, etc.

Key Objectives


To create a cross platform app which will let the user access their health data from any device.


Track and manage any health condition by tracking relevant vitals, check-ups, vaccinations etc.


Get reminders updates about medications.


Track health progress of their loved ones.

The Approach

With an ever evolving product, the plan was to launch the app as an MVP. This would result in quicker user feedback and help us to improvise the user experience with every phase. To achieve the milestone of MVP the design solution was based on below strategy.


Design for a wide range of age groups.


Ease of navigation.


One stop shop to find and keep up-to-date with medications, conditions, etc.

Result and Impact

Know Your Meds has 100K+ downloads with its MVP launch. With every design sprint we try and address the user feedback while working on launching new feature sets.

Check out the Andriod app and iOS app here