Project Requirement Summary

To develop a hassle-free and paperless mortgage application for loan officers as part of the MVP. There is no single platform with such a comprehensive suite of solutions that have been delivered.

At Inflooens we aimed at providing a comprehensive suite of business applications for the retail mortgage industry built on the Salesforce Lightning Design System. The vision was to launch a mortgage CRM as an MVP, which will eventually extend into the industry's middle and back office functions.

Key Objectives

  1. As part of MVP, launch a highly effective and transparent digital mortgage CRM to be used by loan officers, which will eventually extend into middle and back offices and the customers of the mortgage industry.

  2. Creating a highly effective and transparent digital loan process. A design solution which seamlessly integrates capabilities of multiple such platforms currently used for an end-to-end loan procedure.

  3. To augment a best-in-class customer digital experience which clients receive in person, with a vastly improved digital offer. Creating a custom application design as per each user's business needs.


  1. The first step towards achieving our goal was to conduct in-depth research to understand issues currently faced by both the staff and the end customers to help us define a road map for the future phases.

  2. We worked in Agile sprints to gain quick feedback resulting in faster delivery with a richer user experience.

  3. Creating a design strategy and language will result in a rich user experience to ensure increased productivity, revenue maximization, increased referral network, and life-long trusted client and partner relationships.

  4. Break the stereotypes around B2B products by delighting the users with easy-to-find actionable items.

Key Findings

  1. The design research helped us identify that the current products were not so intuitive to use and lacked an aesthetically pleasing user interface, leading to a broken user experience and a not satisfying user journey.

  2. The stakeholder interviews showed that the current mortgage systems in the USA include a lot of paperwork, making it difficult for loan officers to manage every customer’s profile.

  3. The loan officers currently have to switch between different tools to complete the process. However, there are a few software which do help with the paper management the user research summarised that there is no one source/tool which takes care of the end-to-end loan process.

  4. As part of the competitor analysis, we conducted user interviews with the users who are using the products under similar categories to gain insights into their experience as a user.

  5. The users mentioned that they had had experiences where they were unaware of certain features being available in the software or sometimes they would not understand if their papers had gone through.

Results and Impact

Inflooens now has -

  1. A bespoke CRM platform built on Salesforce.

  2. The new design solution brought about the best in user experience with considerations for micro-interactions between internal and external user personas.

The user experience design strategy addressed business problems such as -

  1. Lacklustre client and partner relationship management;

  2. Nonexistent transparency of client and loan journey with seamless handshakes across all personas.

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